About The Boss and

Poor Daisy

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What The Boss does all day:

The boss realizes that there is more to a company than a great domain name or a great brand name. Poor Daisy is our brand development arm. Our parent company, Mosaic Development FE Limited designs, develops, creates promotional products and packaging for its valuable products and customers. The boss has fantastic international designers to work with and a great team. And we are all very creative. The Boss holds patents on some real neat stuff.

Our China parent company manufactures products - all sorts of products. Electronic products, digital products, plastic products, promotional products. But, all these products have one thing in common. They are unique and special. Our manufacturing partners are qualified quality-conscious, ethical companies; only the best.

The Boss works hard to assure our customers that the deliverables are of high quality, delivered on time, and with love and care.

This is what The Boss can offer you:

If you are looking for a brandable domain, please check out our list of names on this site.

If you are a domain name company or, a brand development firm, we can work with you to develp products and packaging for your clients.